Thursday, March 31, 2011

Happy Barfday!

Happy birthday, baby blog! (And happy birthday to me, too.) It's the first anniversary of the birth of this blog! I've had so much to say that I haven't written, and I've written so much when I had nothing to say. Some of the topics I've wanted to approach but haven't found the time to have been:
-the in-transition transexual we found in the woods when I was in college, and how there's a picture of me on the internet from that day that I discovered only recently
-playing Scruples and realizing that the human race may actually have seen ethical improvements since 1987
-a review of "Sleep No More," an interactive adaptation of Macbeth that can only be described as a waking nightmare, custom-built on my deepest fears
-and many more!

But, alas, I have decided to really not post from work anymore since, frankly, I've been working a lot harder. And there's that paper I signed saying I wouldn't.
I haven't been posting from home because I try to limit my computer face-time.

Sooooooooo....happy birthday, you freakin' blog.