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Bogota and Beyond

Here's a  throwback originally published on my now-defunct website, Slow Lady (I know). I wrote it in 2015 after some travels. Me in Bogota feeling so glam. A tale of a few cities. When I made plans to visit Colombia (the country ), and Seattle, Washington, within months of each other, I thought I knew what I'd write about: coffee. What could be more obvious? The country that grows the beans, and the city that made them a star. But it didn't quite unfold that way. I was invited out to Seattle to attend my cousin's wedding, and I made a point to taste the best (and any other) coffee while I was out there. Turns out, the finest caffeinated experience that I had out there was at OlympiaCoffee Roasting Co. in Olympia, Washington. In fact, for all of its grit, Olympia was my favorite stop on my entire trip. I liked it better than Seattle, even better than Portland, Oregon, with its aloofly smirking citizens and ever-drying lawns. The Olympia experie

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