Last Splash

It's about time for us to get out of this peaceful country and back to good ol' Usonia, but before fully packing our bags we made one more excursion, this time to the Caribbean coast--Puerto Viejo, to be precise. I highly recommend it; the roads are even and there are no gaping holes to fall into (because in some places, there really are). You can rent a bike for the day for five bucks and beach-hop, which is exactly what we did. It was lovely; it was too short: it felt like a vacation.

So, here are some lessons learned on my journey, overall: two months in Costa Rica does not a fluent Spanish speaker make. Also, there are maybe six clocks in this entire country. If you book a "hotel" room on AirBnB, you may not be able to find it when you get off the bus, but their sister hotel will take you in, no problem. No matter where on this planet I go with Adam, he will befriend animals on the street. And no, we never learned to surf. But we did learn our limits and are ready to brave the cold in pursuit of longer-term comfort.
Two love bikes and a curtain of vines. Are those wandering Jews? Or are WE?

You see that bird? I'm gonna miss those guys.
We didn't stay there, but close enough.


For rent? Sweet!

This is pretty much what it's like there.
Christmas scene.
This is where we stayed: Roca Mar ApartHotel. Not too shabby!

...and this was the place next door: Umami. I creepily took this picture to show how the other half lives.

This bikes were basically for show; one seat needed repair, so they just kind of hung out there for a few days.
Nothing more Caribbean than a pink wall, some plants, a hose and a gold flip flop.

Okay, okay, I won't.
How the other half lives, part two.

Me and my buttah fly.
Oh yeah these guys are all over Costa Rica.

View from breakfast at Soda Elizabeth: cycling gringos.
We love us some street dogs.
Innit he precious?
Fancy food photography.

But seriously.

Crates! If you're wondering, "Where are the pictures of the beach?" well, there are none. I didn't want to take my camera on a bike ride, nor on the beach. Sorry, folks.
Baby flowers and a sign. I love these!

Something something key to my heart something something.

Now these are some hearts.
Green casa tropicale.

Sun and leaves made of iron.

Beach lewk mirror selfie. Here, the orange paint flows like wine.


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