I never thought I'd do it, and maybe it's better if I keep this a secret, though anyone who knows me knows that would be impossible. I claim to be a luddite, but who am I kidding? I am starting a blog.
(Note: I dreamt of a winged kitten last night, or a creature resembling one.)

Today is my twenty-sixth birthday, and I was once told that it's bad form to tell people, "It's my birthday!" But it is my birthday, and I want people to know; I only get to say it once a year, and I practice "bad form" in plenty other facets of my life, I'm sure. So, happy birthday to me! Here's my gift to myself: a creative outlet that actually suits the century in which I live, though I'm sure blogs will be outdated by the time I get really into it.

I should provide some guidelines for this blog: this cannot be some diary; I'm not going to tell the internet what I do everyday- fuck that. This will not be all about me; I am trying to be less self-absorbed. Of course I may forgo these rules for the sake of entertaining writing.

Wait a tick- starting a blog on one's twenty-sixth birthday? The equivalent of buying a Lamborghini on one's fiftieth, if one is a rich bald guy? No, no, I am not striving jump onto the hip band wagon of the younger half-generation, I just have some extra time at work and lots to say. And, yes, rule number three: this thing mustn't interfere with my work. Which it won't.

So, welcome to my world, nobody.


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