Love Letter to Mi Barrio

So let's get right to it: Adam and I are leaving Costa Rica early. We decided not to stick it out for the last three weeks, because we'd apparently rather freeze our asses off in New York. We miss everyone! And we need "real jobs." Because we have to make "money" so we can "eat." (NOTE: Grandma and Grandpa, this is a joke! We eat all the time.) But the time has come to pack our bags.

While I was walking through our neighborhood the other day, the light was hitting the buildings just so and I was feeling poetic so I grabbed my camera and took it on a walk. Here are some images from that stroll. Barrio Escalante: the culinary epicenter of a city not known for its food. You left a lot to be desired, but you looked great. I'll miss you.

The tiniest bits of natural beauty on our street.
We live just a block away from a shop/studio that houses clothes and accessories made locally, and it's really nice. There's a runway in the backyard!

Function a la Mondrian.

The best kind of creepers.
I regret to inform you that this is not the last appearance my feet make in this post.

Water and glass.
I took too many photos of this house but I couldn't stop myself.

Famous Blue Raincoat.
The Manger. (And yes, this is still that same house.)

We haven't eaten here, but it's fun to look at.
I'll miss these guys.

In Costa Rica, you really need to watch your step.

Clouds or mountains?

Flowers and scooters abound.

Sunset at Parque Francia.

Keeping the hipster dream alive.

Keeping the hipster dream dead.

Guys I can't caption EVERYTHING.

This is our garden in the courtyard.

And another Brutalist shot from our hallway.


  1. Let us know when you're back. We'll have you over for tea and things. Plus, we have a cat now - so there's that.

  2. So glad you've gotten this "Costa Rica" thing out of your system..... Can't wait till you're back, an hour away, and I see you once a season! (Right--about that...)
    But really: looking forward to hearing stories!

    1. Okay we can see each other more, even if I end up farther away...


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