Bound for Greatness

This blog is. How do I know? Simple: master fashion blogger Tavi Gevinson started her blog (at the tender age of eleven) on my twenty-fourth birthday. And I started this blog on my birthday, which can only mean one thing: I am a child prodigy and the world is destined to know!

Clearly, this girl is a genius, or perhaps I am once again falling victim to interview lust: I read a profile about someone in a magazine and suddenly develop personal feelings about that person. Now, this is not nearly as intense as when I was dreaming about James Franco (but the dreams were kind of scary...), which is good, because we're talking about a pubescent girl, here. So, Tavi, you don't have to look so skeeved as you read this; I admire your pluck! Chick can write, for real. Granted, if you don't like the way that middle-school midwestern kids talk you may not want to get too into her prose, but I think I've found a new guilty pleasure.


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