I Promised I Wouldn't!

But here I am. I signed a waiver saying that I would not blog from work, but that was where I did most of my blogging! Another waning hobby fades into my past...

I missed this blog! Did you miss me? See, that's funny, because even if I asked to your face, I would probably hear the same answer as I am hearing now. The sounds of screaming children...that's a decent excuse for disjointed writing. But an excuse for blogging after I promised not to at work, well...

Who uses elipses better than me? Really. Answer: anyone who uses them with discretion.

Soooooo... some year, eh? Crazy shit going down. I'll try to get back to posting, maybe even start posting from home in the new year. But to be honest, there's a chance that this blog may hibernate for even longer. I've got bigger fish to fry, people! But I will say that writing this blog has almost felt like sending a radio signal out into space with no hope of reception. I know who reads it, which is fine, and thank you, my truly beloved readers, but if I were to write something regularly, I would hope for more than my brother, boyfriend, and three friends to take in my words. You guys are a pretty specific audience. And I am not complaining, I just feel that this blog is a great example of how laziness does not carry talent (ahem) too far.

I've always thought that I could ride the wave of impulsive expression and see where it takes me, and I've been pretty satisfied thus far, but I wonder what it would be like to have a sea of unknown readers to entertain and confuse. I don't forsee that happening, um, ever. So thank you, my loyal reader(s?)/no one...I wish you a peaceful YEAR TWO THOUSAND ELEVEN! Maybe there will be more blogging to come, or perhaps you will have to personally seek me out to see what's brewing...time will tell.


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