Tico Time

Yo yo yo I'm back! That's right--blogging from afar because I don't like the social networks but I do like ya'll! I realized that several years back I'd titled a piece "Gringa Diaries," and I'm wondering if that would be a more apt name for this blog now...but I am SURE that's been done before (I checked). So this may be more of a travelogue, and it may be more of something I forget to do but I'm going to get it started and see what happens!

Since I last posted, seven years passed and let's just say it's been quite a ride! Some highlights: I took part in a traveling guerilla street theatre musical, quit some jobs, quit NYC, bartended, edited and wrote for an arts paper for five years (upon revisiting this blog, I was warming up to food writing for a while. It paid off!), quit Binghamton, and am now in Quepos, Costa Rica, adjacent to Manuel Antonio National Park. I'm here with Adam, my boo. Here are some photos from our first day at said park. Food for thought: raccoons have permanent bandit masks and are always stealing. Coincidence? Also: When I jump, I look like a mischievious elf. When Adam jumps: ballerino. Should've been a dancer. More to come!


  1. Kind of makes you wonder if raccoons have a more nuanced understanding of property. My guess is that they're Marxists.

  2. Nice pics! I have been to Manuel Antonio so maybe you are walking in sand i've walked in! OMG:)


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