Power Ballads and Budin

I'm sitting in a bakery called "Chocolat" in my neighborhood, and it has a small, tidy, almost Euro vibe. But it is distinctly Tico because there are seventies and eighties English-language power ballads playing. I don't know how common this is throughout the world, but they love them here in Costa Rica, at least in restaurants. I just heard "Careless Whisper," to give you an idea of the soundscape. As for budin, it's bread pudding made of the remains of the bakery's day. And now, "Total Eclipse of the Heart."

More interestingly, all the bakers just came out from the back and are now sitting together (next to me, the only customer), drinking chocolate milk and eating treats.

"Hopelessly Devoted To You" now plays, giving new meaning to "seventies power ballad."

(Pictured below: the view from my back porch [taken with the lense through the gate], an interior apartment shot; I don't need to tell you what the third one is, and the shop across form the bakery. If you're wondering about the sudden drop in image quality - these pictures were taken with my phone.)


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