The Good Place

No, I'm not writing about the show that I thought I didn't like but now CAN'T WAIT for the next episode to be released because it is so short and sweet and makes me happy but also kind of think. No. Adam and I spent the last few days in Monteverde, a region full of cloud forest reserves that was partially settled by Quakers (you're welcome for the slapdash history lesson). We stayed at Camino Verde B&B, which I highly recommend. It's low season, so rooms were very reasonably priced. Our first excursion was to Selvatura Park, where we opted for the hanging bridges trail. It was a reminder of the beauty of nature and my fear of bridges. And yes: that is a photo of the forest from above, not a bed of moss.

And OH YEAH--there was a hummingbird garden. One perched on my finger! Don't think it wasn't a serious challenge choosing which hummingbird photos to post.

Our second hike was through Santa Elena cloud forest, and it was way too short. It was raining, and we had a bus to catch, so we didn't spend much time stopping to seek our the resplendent quetzal (spoiler: we did not see one). Still, it was amazing and we want to go back. In fact, we would love to go there again if anyone wants to visit...

Bonus: the food up there is unexpectedly good and not that expensive. I had one of the best cappucinos of my life at Beso Espresso, and we got personal pizzas at Tramonti. The crusts were paper-thin and crispy. I wanted to live in that restaurant: it was all wood and windows in the middle of the mountains. This country just keeps getting better.


  1. beautiful photos! keep them coming - the costa rican dogs are so cute, bring me one back! xo

    1. Okay I'll stuff one in my suitcase for you. And thanks! xoxo


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