Anyone who has spoken to me in depth recently or has been reading this blog will know that I'm trying to mellow out, and have been pretty successful so far. However, there have been minor roadblocks, some of which stem from my own neurosis. Now, the neurosis itself is what I'm trying to quash, and it's funny because something I've been worried about is losing my mellow. So basically I am becoming less zen by worrying that I will become less zen. That is so not zen.

So, let me restate that: I will not become less zen by worrying about becoming less zen. I have to use what I've been learning and take it into all facets of my life: as a peaceful attitude is applied to more experiences it will become more versatile and significant. Each individual possesses the power to determine the direction of one's mindset. So zen.

Are you still awake? Good.

So what's up with this weather? How's a person supposed to maintain balance when the temperature drops thirty degrees over the course of one week, in the springtime? I'm going to have to meditate really hard to counteract mother nature's confused grip on all of our chemistry.


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