A Glimpse Inside

Remember those little kitties outside our bedroom window? Well, one thing led to another, and next thing we know they're hanging out in our apartment eating our leftovers. Here are some selections from the photoshoot, because if there is one absolute truth about cats, it's that they love a good modeling session. I know that I was asked to show more dog photos; this is the best I could do with what I had.
Bro and sis just sharin' some milk.

Looking like an American Apparel ad from the early aughts.
The old game of cat and mouse.

The very poised Hydrox.
The sweet face of Panther.
Hydrox is best captured in motion. Cat insanity!
Give me more food!
In other apartment news, we are currently on our third refrigerator. Our first one leaked, and our second froze everything. Here's a highlight: cilantro, frozen in time and space.
Is this art?
Up close and personal. It's rather beautiful, no?
More photos and musings from the outside world soon to come!


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