Notes from the Upper Ground

[Mostly written last Sunday.]
I finally live in the gentrified Brooklyn neighborhood I could never afford, except it's in San Jose, Costa Rica. Adam and I found an apartment in Barrio Escalante, the gastronomic center of the city, or so they say. What I will say is that there's a hipster indoor-outdoor food court behind our building that reminds me of a place in Miami that reminds me of a place that's supposed to remind me of Brooklyn. We can hear their music from our place, and tonight, they are playing the entire Sublime canon, with which I am extremely familiar. In fact, the faux-Brooklyn vibes and the music from my preteen years are so familiar that it's somewhat surreal. The food is just too expensive enough, and varied yet not exactly interesting. The vibe would be hip, except, now I am submitting to the use of "hipster" as an adjective--I get it. Nonetheless, I'm glad to be in a vibrant, relatively safe neighborhood where restaurants are open on a Sunday night.

Leaves and cacti outside our bedroom.

Here's my bathroom. Lots of natural light, which is good because the light is on a wonky motion sensor.

These birds are everywhere and I love them.
These guys live downstairs now...and there's a third.

Some spoils from the feria (farmers market). It's huge.

As requested: thrift shop finds (more to come).
The coat was 500 colones, which is about 81 cents.


  1. Hey Heather, I love your gives me a more substantial insight into what I'm seeing and also into your inner world. Would love to see more photo captions too :)


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