I'm taking requests...just not Freebird.

Well, hello there. I hope that if you are reading this you are feeling comfortable and happy. If you're not, please turn off your computer and go outside for a walk or something. Or light some candles and do some deep breathing until you decide what it is you need to do to feel nice on the inside.

I've been trying to do that sort of stuff and it is definitely working. It may not be that exciting to read about, but it's true. It's not easy to find stuff to write about every day that is blog-appropriate. I'm referring to stuff that:

- doesn't ramble on about my personal life
- isn't incriminating
- is family-friendly...ha!

But, really, this would probably be much more engaging of a read if I were to write about my personal encounters, but then who would get to read it? I could write about the crazy mom who went off on me yesterday at work (oops!), but then what if someone at work were to read this? Or I could write about...nevermind. You see? But I'm content bringing my readers along with me on my personal journey to contentitude. Feel free to join me...

I'm finding that certain facets of my life are settling into a more peaceful place as I allow myself to drop my defenses, relax, and appreciate certain people. For instance, my father. The more I spend time with him, the closer I feel to him. This is a closeness we've been cultivating for years, that I don't think either of us were particularly comfortable with all the time. But we're really similar, and when we just chill together, it's pretty nice. So I'm grateful for that.
I also have extremely lovely friends. I'm talking about very beautiful people. This is something I've been working on for a while: meeting people, forming bonds, bringing people together. I'll boast that I am quite good at bringing people together, although I used to get jealous when those people would then form bonds with each other. I'm pretty sure I'm over that.

Wow! This is completely a personal rambing. I'm breaking my own rules, not surprisingly. So let me bring it back to my metablogging. What can I write about that will be entertaining without being incriminating? How about this: if you are reading this, please leave a comment with a topic. I will write about that topic. Anything! This'll be fun.


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