Silly Hippie, Granola is for Everyone!

So, my last post was a bit of a cop-out, but I was listening to that great Fleetwood Mac song and wanted to post something to share my experience, so there you have it. To riff off another post, let''s take a look at's word of the day:

agrestic \uh-GRES-tik\, adjective:
Pertaining to fields or the country; rural; rustic.

Yes! How apt. I am dying to go to the country. I love the city, but I am beginning to unravel as spring fever sets in thicker and I look around without a hill to be found. Take me to the mountaintop! Okay, here's an anecdote of me going crazy/being funny/being a freaking hippie:

I was at the food co-op with my dear friend in the Fun Section (where you can scoop anything from colored pasta to jelly beans into plastic bags), and there were no bags for the scooping! I stood there, in the middle of the rice and the granola and the nuts, looking back and forth, trying to see if I was overlooking the obvious. But there were no plastic bags! I then exclaimed, "Am I nuts?!" I was thrilled with my cleverness. I was standing in front of nuts! Asking if I was nuts! Rich.

I was already quite pleased with myself at this point. A woman then handed me a plastic bag, thank you, and I proceeded to determine which granola was most worthy of my selection. My friend said, "How about this Goji berry granola? It looks good," to which I responded, "I don't want any of those gross hippie berries." I didn't want none of that hippie shit. Because I'm scooping granola at the food co-op. I'm no hippie.

The moral of the story: I find myself incredibly amusing, but I also may be losing it a little; hence, I need to go upstate and take a breather. Otherwise, I'll just continue my psuedo-culinary endeavors in which I try to make rice and accidentally make rice pudding with rice milk on top (yum!), or I try to steam soy milk and instead fill my apartment with soy smoke. Take it easy, zen master, you're not quite there yet.


  1. Yay! thanks for responding to my request. Next how about:
    the pros and cons of our superficial nature


    the inherent paradox in trying not to be narcissistic


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